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What has happened to our beloved TV stars from the past? Don’t believe those bullshit TV specials here’s the real truth.

Then: A young Fred Savage shares a joke with the crew about Winnie having crabs. 1989




In the late 80’s and early 90’s the world went Kevin Arnold crazy as we watched his on again off again relationship with Winnie Cooper on the feel good family show The Wonder Years.

20 years later Fred still works the locker rooms, filling in his days as a towel boy at a premier Men’s Club in San Francisco. In a recent interview he has this to say about his current life ; “ I don’t mss my days as a TV star, I’m far more comfortable applying talcum powder to the nuts of rich guys than I ever was being that awkward teenager on the red carpet”

Little known fact:  The narration for the show (Grown up Kevin) was voiced by James Earl Jones.

Now: Fred takes a break from talcing his customers to reflect on his days as a child star (2011)



For a moment there back in 1980’s Alf from Malmac was the hottest Alien on TV since Mary Hart.  Dolls, pencil cases and video games went into production all off the back of  the success of this sci-fi sitcom. However by 1993 the dream was over for Alf as the show was cancelled and replaced by Ally Macbeal.

Living large on his substantial royalties, Alf now lives in Malibu where he smokes recreational pot, writes poorly received poetry and allows himself to be patted by severely disabled people.

THEN: In 1989 it seemed that Alf would be a star forever.

NOW: On his daily walk in Malibu, Alf resorts to this tragic disguise to escape common taunts like "Fuck you Alf"



In 1978, there was no bigger star than Little Pauly.  His sitcom Take One for The Family was famous for his hilarious catchphrase “Ow it hurts.”

After a stint in rehab, Paul as he is now known, is a talk show host in Sydney.

He recently said this about his time on the hit show “Who would have thought a show about a rich long lost uncle coming to stay with a poor white family, would have been such a success?”

Then: With a bowl haircut and the catchphrase "Ow it Hurts" Little Pauly was riding high.

Now: Paul, as he is today... a serious news guy. You can still see glimpses of Little Pauly when he delivers his new catchphrase "Use the hashtag PM LIVE"



The 1960’s children’s show Skippy was shown in over 22 million different countries and made both Skippy and his freckled mate Sonny Hammond international stars. When the show ended in 1968 Sonny (real name Vanilla Ice) moved to America and became a rap star who had a world wide No.1 hit with The Greatest Love of All.

Despite a successful music career, he still finds time to catch up with his old mate Skippy.

Then: Young Sonny despite being high on a cocktail of Milo, Castrol GTX and Valium, always had time to touch up Skippy

Now: After gaining mega success with hits like The Logical Song and Born To Run, The Ice Man and Skippy still regularly go out looking "for bitches"




Then: A nerd on and off the screen, young Clive loved Connect Four, Jenga and pornography

When a young Clive Lloyd auditioned for the role of the annoying neighbour Steve Urkel for the sitcom Ned and Stacey, he had no idea he’d end up playing the role for an astonishing 25 years. Unfortunately for Clive he suffers from the same skin disease that affected Michael Jackson and lives as a virtual recluse in Miami, Florida.

Now: Despite battling the same skin disease at Micheal Jackson, Clive still found time to call his old mate Tony Danza a "cock muncher" at a charity roast in 2010.





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